Collect World Cup NFTEA option cards and Win Special Rewards!

2 min readNov 18, 2022


The World Cup Qatar 2022 is ongoing, why not join the NFTEA event to win the rewards of minting or collecting all the NFT Option cards?


Total 1,000 USDC for NFT option holders.
Total 500 USDC of Raffle for NFT option holders.


Users who hold a certain number of NFT option cards will be verified and given rewards as follow:

  • One user can only receive the reward once.
  • First come, first served. If the highest award quota is full, it will be postponed successively.

e.g. a user got 30 NFTs but there already has 4 Master users earlier than him. Then this user will get “Elite” reward.

  • NFT option holders will be eligible for participating in more events and receiving more rewards. The higher title he or she has got, the more bonus he or she will obtain in the long run.

👉How to get it?

1️. Mint NFT Options on

Please check the Tutorial | FAQ | Video Tutorial

2️. Buy NFT Options on @opensea

👉How to verify?

Join our Discord server and use Collab. Land once you have the NFT options in your wallet.

The smart contract (Polygon Network) of NFTEA options is 0x01f5386ca6c01bf7cf7c8dbbae9ae9f7de31d3d2

Name: WC2022 0Call USDC USDC 19-December-2022

Users (hold at least 1 NFT) will be assigned a special role in the server, and be allowed to join a private channel for a chance to participate in our lottery.


A Web3-based NFT ‘Tea House’ has NFT options, Games, Galleries, and many other derivatives. It has brand-new community governance and a fully decentralized contract interaction that achieves total fairness.

NFTEA has launched an exclusive NFT Option product for the World Cup Qatar 2022, which can be used to purchase your own corresponding NFT Option cards and support your favorite team while participating in Options trading and sports.

Make friends, play and earn. Have fun!

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A Web3-based NFT "tea house" with NFT options, games, galleries, and many other derivatives.