How to get the Test MATIC required for Mumbai testnet transactions?

3 min readDec 1, 2022


Import Mumbai Testnet to Your MetaMask

  1. Click MetaMask wallet chrome add-in to launch MeteMask wallet. Click the network drop-down list to check whether you have added Mumbai Testnet.

2. If you have never connected to Mumbai Testnet before, you could follow instructions in Mumbai to add Mumbai Testnet.

3. To manually add Mumbai Testnet, click the “Add network” button in MetaMask network list and add Mumbai Testnet configuration info in MetaMask wallet settings (info shown as follows), and click “Save”. Now you have successfully added Mumbai testnet to your MetaMask wallet.

Connect MetaMask to Mumbai Testnet

1)Choose the Mumbai Testnet in MetaMask to make sure your MetaMask has been switched to Mumbai Testnet.

Polygon Faucet for test MATIC Token :

2) Copy your MetaMask wallet address to the clipboard by clicking your account name (highlighted in snapshot), fill in your MetaMask wallet account address in Polygon faucet, and click “Submit”.

3) Check your test tokens in MetaMask


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